SUMAT attends Subtitling and Intercultural communication


Our SUMAT team continues to present papers at some of the most influential conferences and events in language and broadcast technology across Europe. This month the consortium is in Siena, Italy to provide an overview of the project approach entitled: “Machine translation and subtitling”.

The Subtitling and Intercultural Communication conference aims to explore key concerns associated with subtitling and intercultural communication with a particular focus on European languages such as English, German, Italian and Spanish, in order to promote the cross-fertilization of practices, ideas and theoretical approaches. The idea to investigate subtitling from an intercultural perspective, and also with reference to language teaching, is due to the fact that the Università per Stranieri di Siena has been actively engaged for many years in these areas of research.

Members of the consortium from VSI and Deluxe Media will be available at the event to answer questions and discuss the progress and findings to date of the SUMAT project.